Cyber Spanking

Real Cyber Spankings & Caning from a Punishment Bot

Well there is a new year upon us and things have moved on, now you can get a robot to spank your bottom. This girl didn’t know that. She ignored the sign that said: “Danger Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out !”. Maybe she did read the sign. Maybe she knew what was lurking in this facility. A real Cyber Spanking.

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This will be part of another massive story interlaced with current storylines in the full member’s section. The spanking and caning droid story will have a prequel. You can find out who built it. The Robot has a feminine figure and no face. Or does it? There are more questions than answers about this particular series at the moment. Although the stack of spanking robot illustrations is ready to post. I have illustrated many automated spanking machines in the past. Including the awesome “Auto-Caner Mk I and II. This is also available as an animation inside the main member’s section of this site.

Happy Cyber Spanking New Year

Lots of adventures with automated futuristic spanking machines and punishment droids will feature this year, mixed with the more traditional punishment of naughty sissy boys and girls bottoms. Machines that cane whip, cane, paddle and spank a naughty ass red hot, without stopping and never getting tired of smacking as hard or softly as the programming will allow. This post is just a taste of what is to come. So join today.

Cyber spanking robot android caning punishment droid

Auto-Caner 2 – The Punishment Droid

The ultimate punishment droid is perfect for laying out a hard bare bottom caning for this schoolgirl’s bare bottom.

Bare bottom schoolgirl caning by robot

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Is this the unfortunate investigation by an unsuspecting schoolgirl in a dingy little ally?

Did she start being naughty by looking around a restricted area?

Did she accidentally unpack the robot from its storage crate?

Caning by cyber spanking robot droid

More Cyber Spanking Droid Pictures

Is this cane-wielding robot spanker from this planet?

Is she a schoolgirl? Or just dressed for a New Years’ Eve Party?

Does she work at the facility that made or found this automated bottom caning machine?

Caning Robo spanker

Find out all the answers and see the rest of the story

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