Prefects Club

More Spanking Artwork Inspiration

A lot of people write to me and ask where I get the inspiration for my drawings and story ideas. Like this story below about the prefects club. The answer is simple now, from images I have seen on the internet or on video posts but mainly from some of the greatest magazines on earth. Especially from the late ’70s, early 80’s like Janus, Blushes, Kane, Justice and many more. Certain stories stick in my mind more than others. I am going to put in the Full Members Section some of the original scans and the stories as well as some of my favourite photos.

This is one of my favourites for over the knee spanking stories, especially with the young lady dressed up in a very sexy maids uniform. She also has the most perfect spankable bottoms. 

Prefect’s Club From Blushes Uniform Girls 8

‘Being a prefect is, of course, a signal honour,’ said the Headmaster. ‘It brings many privileges within the school and undoubted advantages when a girl leaves. But in accepting these advantages she is also expected to do what she can for the school. Little services etc.’ Christine Bilton, seated with 50-ish Mr Astley in his office, said, of course, she would be more than happy to do anything. Did a certain shrewd look come into the head’s eye at that ‘anything’? Christine was certainly a most attractive girl, a pretty blue-eyed blonde, taller than average and with a ripe, womanly figure. Physical attributes, face and figure, were undoubtedly taken into

consideration when the Head chose a prefect; indeed it could be said that they were the prime considerations. Such attributes could be put to excellent use by the school. Those little services…
Christine was at present wearing her school uniform, as was to be expected on a school afternoon. Blue-and-white check frock, a pale blue blazer, to the cuffs of which she would now be entitled to add a prefect’s silver piping.


The blue check frock stopped short at nyloned knees. Nylons of course, for all Sixth Form girls, they added a touch of elegance. Seamed sheer brown nylons tautly fastened with a suspender belt under the blue cotton skirt. Yes, Christine Bilton was a very attractive proposition, 17 now and just entered the Upper Sixth. Robert Astley had had his eye on her for some time but a girl had to be in the Upper Sixth to be a Prefect. It was only then, he considered, that a girl had sufficient maturity to handle those extra duties required of that office. Those little services for one thing.

a lot of interfering people around. So you will have to keep strict silence, Christine Bilton. Nothing to that boyfriend, for instance.’ Colouring afresh, Christine said ‘Of course.’ It was still difficult to fully accept. And what had Fiona meant about Joanne and other services? Cripes! The mind boggled. Christine wasn’t a virgin, she and Simon had… just a couple of times. But…‘Uh, how does it… I mean how do we…?’

A Good look Blonde With A Nice Bum

Joanne smirked. ‘Fiona is the organiser. She’s got lists. And phone numbers. Haven’t you, Fi? I should think you’ll be in great demand, young Christine. I mean, a good-looking blonde with a nice big fat bum.’ ‘Don’t be a pig,’ Christine said weakly. ‘No bickering please, girls.’ Fiona had got to her feet. She went to a cupboard that proved to contain a bottle of sherry and glasses. ‘We’ll drink to our new colleague.’ The sherry was poured. ‘May she be happy and content in her prefect’s duties.’ Joanne gave a hooting laugh. Christine choked a little on her drink. What would she tell her mother… or Simon. But the answer of course was nothing. She wasn’t allowed to. And in any case.

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