The Wood Revisited

Toys In The Wood The Shorts Are Off

This time it’s colder and misty as Mr Floyd whips the young girls bare bottom with his sturdy but flexible rattan cane. Each stoke lands accurately across the young girls cheeks, leaving a stinging red hot welt. The Sea-Sore, as it’s been named will then tilt in the favour of the other girls bare bottom so that she can receive an equally  stinging whack. Janice of course, prefers her trusty thick leather strap. The sound of it landing on those unprotected teen buttocks is such a thrill to her.

The girls cannot move hardly at all, apart from their heads to look at the person that is beating them. The adjustable iron and leather cuffs hold down the girls wrists to keep them in position on wooden plank of the Sea-Sore. The tucks headlamps along with the light of the moon provides enough light to see the two red hos glowing posteriors as the tilt backwards and forwards with each whack of the respective implements. Yes you can warm up a cold bottom very quickly outside, but it stings so much more than when you get a warm up spanking first.

Wet Cold Bottoms Sting Even More 

The Old Sea-Sore gets another outing with the devious duo Mr Floyd & Janice. This time its two unsuspecting young ladies out for the promise of an evening they won’t forget. This all true but not exactly what they were expecting. The trouble with Winter time is the unexpected shower of rain, especially here in this creepy old forest in the middle of nowhere. After tightening the restraints on the girls wrists the two spankers can relieve them of their shorts and restrain the girls ankles to the apparatus. Then suddenly the heaven open. Too late to untie the girls now, they will have to ride it out. Mr Floyd & Janice both know how much more cold wet bottoms will sting.

Toys Wood Rain wet bottoms caned strap sea-sore

The two run to the car taking the bag of implements with them and watch as the girls get soaked out in the cold rain. They giggle and laugh as they sit in the warm dry truck waiting for the storm to pass over so that they can warm up those poor cold wet little bare bottoms. Wondering if the mechanism will go rusty and they will have to beat the girls harder to get it in motion.

wet bottoms rain wood toys stinging cane strap sea-sore

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