Paddling Pool Punishments

A Pool For Paddling Wet Bottoms

Paddling pool punishment. Hot wet bottom fun in the sun. Fun for the man with the paddle. A quick way to learn how to swim faster. Not just a good hard swat with the paddle. A hard swat across a wet bottom. That will make it sting more. Making it worse. Mummy is patiently waiting on the steps with a whippy rattan cane. This will whip down on Josie’s naughty little wet cheeks every time she fails to get around the pool faster. 

Paddling pool punishment. Hot wet bottom fun in the sun. Fun for the man with the paddle.

Stinging Wet Swimsuit bottoms

Josie never should have mentioned that she needs some discipline with her swimming. Mom laughs as little Josie tries to swim around the small pool. Mom’s boyfriend eagerly swatting her little bottom every circuit. Then Mom swishing the rattan cane down hard on her this wet swimsuit. Wet bottoms do sting a lot more. This has turned out to be a great way to get better at swimming. More fun for her kinky mommy and pervy boyfriend.


Paddling pool punishment for naughty wet bottoms

Red Hot Wet Stinging Afternoon In The Paddling Pool 

The paddling pool punishment will last for a while and Jossie knows her stinging wet cheeks will be on display later in the afternoon also with her sisters. This is another victim,m of the poolside punishments. Not the first time this has happened. This won’t be the last. Mummy has dreamed up all kinds of punishment style games. 

Spanking Sports

Spanking Pong was a very unpleasant one for her and her sister. Every time they missed a shot the spare ping-pong paddle would strike down hard across an unsuspecting bottom. Also bending over the pool table has always encouraged a few swats on the butt.

Spanking Games

A variation of other games like Monopoly. With some rather stinging forfiets. This has also been adapted to many other board games. Can you imagine? Inside the site in the Full Member’s Area, you will see lots of spanking games.


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