More Caning Cabin

The Caning Cabin Continues

More caning cabin antics, this time he gets up from his naughty spanking magazine and lays some hard stripes across her bottom. Secured to the steel-framed bed. She can’t move. Just has to lay there and take her punishment. The cane has been resting across her bare cheeks. As a reminder of what is to come. 

Red Hot Stripes

Now the time is here and after putting down his spanking magazine, he picks up the whippy stick. Her pert young bottom will soon be bearing some hot red stripes. The Senior Rattan Cane has quite a bite. The cane is swished through the air a few times. Then tapped lightly on her rear. 

Caning Cabin Continues with a stinging hot red striped bottom

Too Late To Change Her Mind

Now for a good hard caning. The cane swishes through the air. Whips down across her bare bottom. Known as a cold caning. The first bites deep into her bare cheeks. Followed swiftly by the second, then third. Then a small pause before he delivers another rapid four. You can see his satisfied grin. His face lit up, pleased with his wor. Great marksmanship. Perfect red stripes are emerging.

Red striped bottom caning in the cabin

All Afternoon Sessions

This caning is going to last for a while. A few hours of laying there and getting her bottom whipped hard every 15 minutes or so. While he balances the cane on her bottom. She better not flinch. If she makes the balanced cane fall. There are a lot more implements on the rack. Including wooden paddles and bullwhips. Insite the Full Members Area you can see the rest of the pictures. From this story and thousands of others. See her bottom get more lines. Watch her agonised face as the cane whips down hard on her pert bare bottom. 

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