Naughty Schoolgirl Colour Match

Spanked Red Bottom Colour

Schoolgirl spanked bottom red. Developed by a teacher who asked the girls to choose the colour for the new Drama & Dance Studio. Naughty schoolgirl colour match from a spanked bottom. Not the horrible pink. She phones the paint shop. Asking if they can match any colour. The pink is wrong. The teacher sends one girl with the right colour. Same as her bottom. Teachers favourite colour. 

Scan Her Red Hot Bottom

As well as a good strapping. She will have the embarrassment of going back to the paint shop Asking the man to scan her red hot bottom. This is the colour she should have got. Worryingly the teacher has asked for a darker red for the door frames and shelves. When she asked how to get that colour. The teacher picked up a cane. Telling her that she could soon demonstrate.

Schoolgirl spanked bottom red is the colour for the new dance studio and drama room

Colour Matching With The Cane

The embarrassing conversation with the paint shop man. is nothing compared with the strapping across her ass. To get the right colour she will have to show him her red hot stinging rear. He will scan it into the machine. The other girls are hiding out around the school. They all know what the sadistic, kinky teacher is up to.

red hot bottom schoolgirl spanking colour range at the paint shop

Schoolgirl Spanked Bottom Red

This may be a wonderful kinky colour scheme. The other girls will be contributing to it. The range of colours and shaders. Our kinky teacher may come up with a whole new designer range. This story will on be available inside The Full Member’s Area including the other girls and the paint shop too.

Follow this story and find out the full spec of this punishment machine inside the full member’s section today.


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