Streaming Influence Punishment Droid

Punishment Droid Live Streaming

The punishment droid streaming live. From the computer room. Setup with all the latest live streaming cameras. Capturing the sound caning the new assistant is about to receive. Firstly quick testing of the cameras. Secondly a checking of the live streaming systems. Including the cameras. Thirdly a nice warm-up of Sue’s bottom. With the wooden paddle.

The owner of the studio, Daphne. Recently met her new assistant in rather a naughty bar. They discussed the idea of making a spanking streaming channel for fun. 

Punishment Droid Streaming Live with Daphne and assistant Sue

Spanking Live On The Internet

Daphne’s idea of a live spanking stream excited Sue. They started drinking and chatting. Sue had only been spanked by her boyfriend before. Daphne had been on the scene for a while. She also had a lot of very expensive toys at home. The computer room had all the modern streaming equipment. 

Sue was very excited by the idea of having her bottom smacked by her new friend. Also fond of a live internet punishment. The idea was so very naughty.

Screaming Streaming Spanking on line with a droid

Paddled Over The Knee Warm-Up

Daphne had a surprise in store for her new friend. Before she got a live streaming punishment. Daphne suggested a quick warm-up with the paddle. This will certainly help with her supprize. Daphne was not just very wealthy. She was also a technical genius. 

Caning Droid surprise for streaming

The Punishment Droid Suprise

The punishment droid was designed and built by Daphnie. She has programmed it to be a dominatrix. Specializing in spanking and caning. This would make an amazing live stream for fun. Although the droid has no problem with administering a severe caning. It has no empathy. Also programed by Daphne. Sadisdically wants to see her new assistant get a good caning. 

Punishment from the robot spanking droid is severe

Spanking & Caning Dominatrix Robots

The caning from the dominatrix robot is hard. It has no sympathy for Sue. The accuracy is amazing. The droid can get that cane to land anywhere. At any strength. This is completely automatic. The digital dom is programmed to punish. With some simple commands. Also some safe words. Handy if you know what they are. 

Spanking Machines & Robots That Whip Bottoms

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