Schoolgirl Detention Spanking

Another Naughty Schoolgirl’s Detention

Schoolgirl, detention spanking. Poor Sabine has earned detention. Late with homework. Miss Janice (as they call her). Has offered her a choice of corporal punishment instead. Sabine did not realize that her slightly kinky teacher meant, “as well as”. She thought that she would be able to cope with a bit of a spanking. Better than staying an hour after school. Missing her freedom. Being out around the shops with her friends. Or teasing the boys. 

The Spanking

The schoolgirl detention spanking may last for the whole period of the detention. Sabine would have been better off just sitting there. In the junk room at the back of the school. Miss Janice enjoys warming her bottom. Skirt up. Panties are uptight and no protection. From the smacking hand of her teacher.

Spanking Detention Naughty Schoolgirl

A Good Hard Caning

After a hard tearful smacked bottom. Over Miss Janice’s lap. She points at the cane hanging on the back of the chair. A big grin on her face. Indicating that there are another 45 minutes of detention time remaining. Bending Sabine over the chair. Tears rolling down her face. Skirt up and showing her hot smacked cheeks. Miss Janice gets read to swat the cane down hard on her poor bottom. 

However, those panties and that skirt will have to come off over the next 45 minutes. Especially during this naughty schoolgirl detention spanking and caning. Just imagine what other bottom stinging punishments she will endure over the next three-quarters of an hour? Just look at her grinning face. This is a teacher who enjoys punishments.

Schoolgirl caning during detention after her bottom has had a warm up spanking

Lots more schoolgirl spanking and caning stories this month. June is for Schoolgirl Punishments.

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