Wet Bottoms Sting More

The Continuation Of The Paddling Pool
(Where wet bottoms sting a lot more)

Wet bottoms sting more. The girls will find this out over the afternoon. Viki is now bent over the caning horse. After her swimming lesson. Ringing wet and waiting for another good spanking on her pert wet bottom. She has been spanked and caned in the pool. Now she is getting a suntan over the caning horse. 

In a while, she gets a different sort of tanning. A good hard paddling from Dad. This will dry her bikini bottoms quicker. While mum whips her sisters wet bottom in the pool. She can hear the stingy cane whip down. Her sister cried out while splashing around. 

Wet Bottoms Sting More in the paddling pool

Stinging Paddled Over The Horse 

The great sound of the paddle stops in the pool. Viki knows that Daddy is coming to the horse. Her sister is still being whipped with the cane. Every time she swims past Mum. Now Viki lays still in the sun. Her swimsuit bottoms will be dried with the paddle and the cane.

Wet Bottoms Sting More in The Paddling Pool

Girls get their bottoms dried together.

Viki holds still gripping the bench. Father smacks her rear with the paddle hard. Mum smiles and looks on. Little Sister is now out of the pool. Feeling the sting from her swimming and spanking session. Her wet bottom was all warm and glowing in her wet one-piece swimsuit. More inside the full member’s section.

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