December Spanking Updates

December Bottom Spanking Specials

December bottom spanking specials for 2021. I have a whole new selection of stories. Firstly, new updates for ongoing storylines. Some requested. Some I have managed to work out another direction. However, they will take some time. From the concept. To the creation of the pictures. The all the time spent rendering them. Then of course adding a few arty details with Photoshop. 

1st New Story Includes The Spank Bot Guards

Spank-Bot-Guards paddle schoolgirl bottoms in December bottom spanking specials

Spank Bot Guards In The Secret Factory

Naughty schoolgirls break into the secret factory. Just a few silly fences and some rusty old padlocks. They could find what secrets are inside. Guarded by robots. Programmed to deter people. Broken into a lot. The most common offenders are the upper sixth form from the local girl’s school. 

Spank Bot Guards punishing hard across schoolgirls bare bottoms

Hard Bare Bottom Spankings From The Un-sympathetic Spank-Bot

The punishment will be severe. Dolly was caught by a machine & spanked hard with a Tawse. Her friend can hear her in the distance. As a droid approaches her with a cane. She trembles as the robot comes near. Looking straight at her. The cane swished through the air. Pointing at her.

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Caning Droid approaches in December bottom spanking updates

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