Spanking Party Fun 2021

Smacked Bottoms & Dressing Up With Some Drinks

Spanking party fun 2021 is every week. Around the different member’s houses. The spankers usually provide the venue. The host provides food and drink. Everyone brings a bottle. The girls are usually volunteers and some are daughters and nieces of the spanking members. The girls are smacked over the knee. Then they swap partners. This is just a warm-up session. Nothing too hard. 

Spanking Party Fun 2021 games with teens and red hot bottoms

Games & Competitions At Spanking Party Fun 2021

After the initial few drinks and chat. Some of the girls change into some naughty schoolgirl outfits. Then a quick warm-up. Then a few more drinks. Followed by some more serious competitive games. Including. Smacked bottom OTK endurance challenges. Always carried out by volunteers.

One young girl thinks that she can outlast one of the others. A challenge is made. Implements, chosen. Last month one girl took a long 20-minute caning across her panties. Over the back of the sofa. Nest to her challenger. The girl was caned by her Mom. Rumoured. They had been practising. A month before. The thought of this was quite exciting. Would there be a repeat?

Red bottom teens in school uniforms at the spanking part of fun and games in 2021

Implements Canes Paddles Crops & Restraints

The implants are provided by the party-goers. Caning and paddling are popular. Red striped bottoms on a schoolgirl. The recipients don’t seem to mind. Harder canings. Paddling bottoms go on longer.

Spanking party gams for teen schoolgirls with caned and paddled bare bottoms

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