More Bare Bottom Updates

More Updates For December Bare Bottom Month

More Bare Bottom Updates. This month I am updating some of the previous stories. A lot of the panties are coming down to show off their red cheeks. Marked with the cane in some cases. There are new stories and previous picture galleries with updates. I am still working on some others as requested by our Full Members.

Garage Games

After a short drive, Maddie’s, curious Mum arrives at the secluded garage. Mrs Kanes gets out and opens the door slightly. Turns on the lights. Beacons her neighbour inside.  UPDATED. The panties are off now. Bare bottom. With the thick, leather Tawse. Wonder what will happen after this implement has been used? More bare bottom games perhaps?

Garage Games Bare bottom spanking updates

Room 4 A Thrashing New Pictures

A Good Place To Punish Schoolgirls Bottoms

Room for a thrashing is a story about the upper sixth formers punishment room. Instead of fighting and arguing with each other. The girls are encouraged to sort out their differences in the thrashing room. This secluded secret room is in a derelict building on the school grounds. The headmaster or deputy headmistress casts an eye over the proceedings. This is to make sure the canings, spankings and thrashings are firm but fair. 

Room for a thrashing

The Headmaster & deputy head also have other reasons for viewing the girl’s punishments. They have a passion for spanking. Secretly they set this up to get their kicks from watching the schoolgirls warming bottoms. If they fight in the school. They get punished in the same way. This gives them a slight advantage. They can choose how hard or how long to punish each other. Also with what implements. 

Bare Bottom Caning For Both Girls

If two girls are arguing, it’s only fair that they can take turns to punish each other. Sore bottoms are better than fists and pulling hair in the playground. Then followed by a very sore stinging bottom from The Headmaster or Mistress. The room is open for the girls at any time. Also by the staff for their own amusement. The sounds of caning and the paddle have been heard coming from this room some weekends. This also includes a locked door. Much guessing from the schoolgirls. Who is inside the room and why? 

Room 4 A Thrashing bare bottom

Headmasters Instructions UPDATED

After lifting her skirt. Dolly finds her friends bottom is very red. Also has quite severe stripes from the caning. He looks up, smiles and continues reading his spanking magazine. Without looking he tells Dolly to continue. Until the hour. Dolly looks at the time, it is still 15 minutes to go. The headmaster mutters. If you don’t want to continue caning her bar bottom. You can take her place.

Dolly looks at her friend’s cheeks. Takes another swing. Thwack! The cane lands down hard. Her friend yelps and makes a sharp intake of breath. Dolly whispers a quiet, “sorry”. Her friend, unable to move just sighs. Thinking how did they get into this mess. More To Come This Month

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A Sissy Spanking Update Special

Sissy-boy Spanking Party Fun

Sissy boy spanking party fun and games. This afternoon at one of the group’s houses. Tea, cakes, wine and nibbles. The usual selection of teenage boys that enjoy dressing up. Mum’s neighbours and Aunties. Make up the spanking enthusiasts. Trying to make the young 18-year-old volunteers look as young and sissy as possible. Like some kind of red bottom Pageant. 

Sissy Boy Spanking Party

Sissy Punishment Games

After an initial warm-up. The spankers will swap their sissy volunteers. There will also be some drinking time. The sissies will be stood with their red bottoms on display. The spankings will turn to paddle. Then to caning. Lots of outfit changes and make games. Also at this party, they will end up spanking each other. 

More to come with this selection of pictures and storyline. 

All of the spanking, caning, paddling bare ass picture stories with some very hot red smacked butts are here inside the Full Member’s section


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