Spanking & Caning Clubs

Spanking & Caning Club Days

Spanking & caning club days. More often, nights. The newly formed, Overlapped Club. Some very naughty young ladies decided to form their own club. After attending a party that ended up as a spanking party. The girls decided to find an abandoned old building. Away from the local community. In an old privately owned area. This one place. Slightly shabby looking but very private. With electricity, also running water. 

The newly formed, Overlapped Club. Spanking & caning club days.

Naughty Fun & Games With Canes

This naughty club and the girls are formed by some rather kinky stepmoms and friends. They all like a bit of caning action. The caning benches were found at an auction. Delivered and placed by one of the husbands.& a friend. For the chance of attending a meeting and getting to warm up some of the girl’s bare bottoms. That was the agreed fee. Also to make the building secure. Away from nosey onlookers. The landlord also lets them use the private derelict apartment. He will also be allowed access to some of the naughty punishment afternoons, days & nights. 

Caning Day Afternoon

Caning Day Afternoon

Some of these girls were also involved in the Schoolgirl Caning Day Afternoon. Set up by the teachers and Headmaster of the local school. This story is also inside the Full Members SectionOver the desks in the main hall after school. The last day of term. Stinging bare bottoms. Smiling staff get the last laugh for all the mischievous behaviour that term. Just the 3 girls at the moment with another couple of latecomers due to arrive. The teachers & headmaster will take turns in whipping the girl’s bottoms for the afternoon. A variety of whippy canes are available. From the Junior Rattan, Senior & some other heavier and more bottom stinging wands of discipline.

Ca$h4 Spanking

More pocket money spanking capers. The 2 girls are in desperate need of some extra money. Buying cute clothes & going out clubbing costs money. They have an enterprising idea. Charging some local kinky neighbour’s money to let them smack their bottoms.  This seems to be a spanking good idea. However, the word gets around & Auntie & Uncle live in the area. They also decide that they would love to help the girls make some money. They also suggest that maybe this would be safer if they had a special place to do it. Safe and close by. It just happens that They have an empty room that could be converted. A new bottom warming business is created. This Story is now in The Full Members Area

Cash for spanking, extra pocket money for a red hot bottom


More to come with all these stories and picture sets. 

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