Whipping Volunteers

Another old warehouse where nobody can hear you scream. Who would like to volunteer for a crack at the whip? The old saddle stand is placed in the middle of the empty old factory room. The girl laying over it is not tied down, but how long can she stay there, while the two long leather bullwhips crack down on her little soft bare bottom?

Bull Whip Whipping Volunteer

This is not just a person whipping her poor little bare bottom, this is two whips, two Doms and a nice cool bucket of water to cool her off when it gets a little hot on those cheeks.

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Whipping Volunteer Bullwhip

Also there is a bin full of canes there too for anyone who is not quite up for the full force of the nasty whips. Maybe we will see some other volunteers up here in the whipping room, taking some serious punishment. Or maybe they will have to go out and get some less willing girls and boys and tie them over the whipping stand. What do you think ?

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