Wet Bottom Caning

Girls Spanked Wet Bottoms Now Caned Over The Horse

Wet bottom caning now. Stinging little wet bathing costumes after being paddled & spanked in the swimming pool. Warmed up, ready for thrashing with the cane. A rattan punishment stick will be whipping across their wet bottoms for a while. The best way to dry out the girl’s swimsuits.

Wet Bottom Caning

Over The Horse For Wet Bottom Canings

The girls have already felt the sting of the cane and paddle While swimming around the pool. The spank on their wet bottoms from Dad’s new girlfriend. Wielding the cane. Bringing it down hard on the bottoms of the girls. Meanwhile on the other side of the pool. Dad smacks the paddle down hard. 

Wet Hot Bottoms

After the swimming is over the caning begins. Daddy says he can dry their swimming costumes with the cane. His sexy young girlfriend eagerly assists. The whippy cane has been across her sexy bottom a few times. She will probably feel it later. Sharon likes the spanking scene and so does her new man. The girls, maybe not so much.

Caned Wet Bottoms

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