Garage Spanking Games

The Long-Awaited Sequel To Schoolgirl Maddie

Garage spanking games start after a short drive, Maddie’s, curious Mum arrives at the secluded garage. Mrs Kanes gets out and opens the door slightly. Turns on the lights. Beacons her neighbour inside. Thinking about how she spanked young Maddie that afternoon. Now it was her that was going to get a sore bottom. Mrs Kanes smiled as she showed her the spanking garage contents.

Garage Spanking Games Tools & Benches

Inside this garage were all the tools and benches. However, these were tools for warming naughty bottoms. Including whips, crops, canes, straps and paddles. The benches were for bending over or being tied to. Rather than fixing things. She walked to the table and looked at the array of punishment implements. This evening she will surely have some stinging bare bottom fun with Mrs Kanes and the collection of implements. 

Garage Spanking Games

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Garage Spanking Games

Naughty Schoolgirl Maddie & Her Family

(The continuation of Spankford) This is a strange little place, not unlike the famous “Stepford” (only with a spanking theme). Everyone here has a spanking story to tell. This is the story of Maddie and her strange family, not that everyone here in Spankford isn’t a little different. Maddie who has just turned 18, has upset her mother, who was enjoying her glass of wine in the backyard. Grandad is not too happy and smacks her School dress covered bottom right there in the back yard, while Mum, who is completely unfazed, sits there sipping her wine. Mum remembers with the sound of the smacks from Grandads palm on her daughters rear the exact same thing happening to her on many occasions. Click here To See Previous Post

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