Things Go Spank In The Night

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Things Go Spank In The Night. More pictures from things that go smack in the bedroom. When Mum and her new boyfriend come into the girl’s bedroom and find that they are not the only two in the house having some spanking fun and games. They decide to show the girls. How to give a good spanking. 

The shock of seeing their Mum standing in the doorway. Smiling back at them. As they smack each other’s bottoms. This was followed by the suggestion from Mum and her boyfriend. To join them. Was more embarrassing than anything. The girls are too old for this kind of punishment. Also admitting that they were enjoying the naughty bottom warming game.

Over The Knee Spanking

(previously) The girls listen through the walls of the bedroom and hear the familiar smacking sounds of the hand against the butt. Excited by everything they hear from the room and giggling away they decide to tease each other. The teasing turns into a dare. The dare concludes as they start to playfully smack each other’s bottoms. Done in the traditional method. Over the knee, or lap across their silky pyjama bottoms. Carried away with the proceedings. Complaining to each other about who was smacking the hardest. They didn’t expect to attract the attention of Mother and Boyfriend. Embarrassed by the appearance of their Mom and her grinning male counterpart, their faces were not the only red cheeks. Mom and boyfriend decided to help the girls out by giving them a nice hard dose of a proper bare bottom spanking.

Spanking two daughters for fun Things Go Spank In The Night

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