Cold Ass Ice

Katie skates round and round the rink, (As Cold “Ass” Ice) practice time for the big competition. Every time she makes a mistake she will pay the price from her strict coach with a good hard spanking. Her hot little bottom will cool down nicely on the rink. At least then it will go numb if she makes another mistake and saves her from the sting of the coaches paddle. That is why she enjoys sitting on the rink. it’s cold for her ass. After a good spanking. 

Remembering the last time she was sitting on the ice cooling her recently smacked bottom. This time she will not mention the fact that her ass was numb from the ice. Because this enraged her trainer into whipping her bare bottom really hard with a cane. As he suggested that she would not feel it with such a cold numb little ass.

Cooled down hot stinging ass

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