Outdoor Caning Girl

Stinging Bare Bottom Outdoor Caning Girl

Outdoor Caning Girl Susan, dressed in a school uniform. Taken to the local wood by Auntie. Young Susan is bent over a tree stump. For cold caning. Literally. Her bottom is cold from the outdoors. Auntie tells her that cold bottoms sting a lot more. Especially with the rattan cane. No warm-up spanking. Bent over the stump. Skirt up. Her panties give no protection. The rattan cane whips down hard. Her little bare cheeks show the red marks. The welts start to rise. 

Outdoor Caning Girl Has to Be Quiet

She screams a little. Auntie suggests that will attract attention. Especially with the whipping sound of her cane. Unless Tracy would like an audience. 

Outdoor Caning Girl spankings and canings

Outdoor Caning Girl caned in her school uniform

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Outdoor caning

Cold bottom outdoors, nicely warmed up with a cane should make it sting a bit more 🙂
I wonder if there is anyone about ..watching?


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