Studio Caning Test

Schoolgirl Test Caning In The Studio

Studio Caning Test with Mr. Strict. The new model who is desperate for cash has all the right looks to be a spankred3d model. However, she has to be put through a series of tests. A little bit cocky during the interview. So he decided to start with a cold caning. That means no smacked-bottom warm-up. Strait to the Senior Cane across her bare bottom. 

Test Caning Interview

After she had bragged about the canings she took at school. The bare bottom spanking she got from her pervy stepfather. Also, the fact that she thought she looked great in uniform still, with a pert bottom. Mr. Strict wanted to whip her bare bottom just for bragging. However, he had to remain slightly professional. So he told her that she had to put on a school uniform and bed over the desk for a caning. Mr. Strict was going to pretend he was here headmaster. 

Studio Caning Test A Schoolgirl

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Caning Schoolgirls Bare Bottoms Hard

Bent over the old school desk. Her little skirt hitched up. Pert bare bottom on show, with her skimpy nylon panties riding up tight. He chooses a fairly heavy Rattan Senior Cane to start with. Tapping her cheeks and watching her clench. Telling her if she moves in the next 30 minutes from that position her audition is over. She will have failed the interview. Then bringing the cane down pretty hard 6 times in a row. She grimaced but stayed in place. 6 nice red welts across her very soft white cheeks. Then followed quickly by another 6. This was only the start of her studio caning test. 

Schoolgirl Bare Bottom Studio Caning Test

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Red Striped Bottom Studio

She had been told that she could cry out verbally but not move. Mr. Strict bought the cane down hard across her little bare bottom. Filling in all her sit spot and then the rest of her bare cheeks. She was moving her feet and arching her back. Also flexing her legs as he whipped the cane down hard. Continuing in batches of 6.

After 15 minutes solid he stopped and looked at her bright red bottom. Then he walked around in front of her and looked at her tear-stained face. Telling her that she had done well so far. She was to remain in that position while he selected another cane. He would continue for the remaining 15 minutes. Although he told her he would up the pace a bit. 

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