Stable Relations

Horse Cropped Bottoms In The Stable

Stable relations refer to the girl over the saddle stand. With her wrists and ankles tied after a ride in the country. In her equestrian uniform with her friend. Her bottom thrashed with a riding whip. Quite a sting from the whip as it lands across her Jodhpurs.

This girl is just getting a warm-up. In the stable with tears streaming down her face as the crop hits down hard. She is crying now and fears her jodhpurs will be pulled down. Along with her panties. The crop used on her bare bottom.

horse crop jodhpurs riding whip

Tied & Ready.

Hard Whipped Bottom

Nothing like a good hard whipped bottom on a fresh morning in the stable. If you are not the one bent over the saddle stand, bottom-up. Her ass will be the same shade as those apples in the crate.

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bottom whipping fun in the stable

Whipped hard across her bottom.

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Stable relations in the barn with a crop

Thrashed over the saddle stand.

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