St Patricks Day Spank

Getting Ready To Open The Bar For St Patricks Day Spank

St Patricks Day Spank. Before the bar opens for lunchtime. The two young barmaids. Spanked over the knee. In their cute green white and red outfits. The cheeky little skirt will reveal red hot cheeks. This may turn into a very naughty day. Known for their spanking games. Parties and smacking, caning & paddling each other daughters for a while. 

Canes Paddles & Whips

Naughty nights in the bar are quite regular. The girls tease the customers. The mothers do the same. Usually, the girls get spanked. Upstairs in the rooms. Or sometimes in the naughty basement area. Fully equipped with lots of punishment toys. Restraints, benches, paddles, whips & canes. Frequently, punished in the bar. Bent over the whipping bench for a good caning by a customer.  

St Patricks Day Spank with some bare bottom warming for naughty barmaids.

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Red Hot Stinging Bottoms March 17th 2022

This story will develop as the afternoon turns to the evening. Barmaids get their bottoms warmed up. By the customers. Lots of fun and games. Drinking & spanking. 

The barmaids bottoms will be the red part of the cheeky outfits on St Patricks Day Spank

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