Schoolgirl Spanking Art

Schoolgirl Spanking Art. Drawn perfectly by, George J Churchward one of my favourite schoolgirl spanking art producers. I think he got me into spanking artwork. I chatted with him a few times. He passed away in 2000. Photoshopped some of his original drawings. Made storylines out of his characters, by moving the faces, bottoms and heads around into different drawings. Coloured the bare bottoms in red. He liked the storylines and artwork manipulation. Even the reddening of the girl’s bottoms.

G.J.C artwork spanked red bottom

The Start Of My Art

This was a learning curve for me in smacked bottom artwork. This was the 90s Using Microsoft Win 95 and all its advanced capabilities. I was using a basic image program to cut out the various parts and stick them together to make a storyline. One was a series called Emily & which followed my favourite G.J.C. character through a series of bare-bottom spanking stories. Nowadays I can appreciate the talent of the original artist and the untouched drawings of Mr Churchward. Below are just a few of my favourite pictures from one of the best spanking artists that ever lived.

Original Schoolgirl Spanking Art From Mr G.J Churchward

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