Saddle Sore Smartphone

Whipped Bottom Pictures On Smartphone

Saddle Sore Smartphone. Naughty pictures. When the girls have decided to tease the local perv down the road on his farm with stables. A dare turns into a very sore bottom. As well as some very embarrassing pictures. On a smartphone. Restraints, lock her over the saddle. Over the saddle stand in the cold little barn. 

Inside the member’s area ” Saddle Sore”  whipped bare bottom over the saddle stand while her friend films it on her Smartphone…

Saddle Sore

Inside the member’s area ” Punishment Park”  a spanking & caning themed park for nice red hot bottom rides

More New Rides at Punishment Park. This ongoing series is about naughty rides and side-shows. Where girls get their bottoms paddled on the Paddle Speeder. Caned on the Wheel Od Misfortune. A great place to take naughty girls and boys for the day. Onlookers watch in amazement as the girls on this ride spin round. red bottoms paddled hard. Literally strapped in. Not just for safety reasons. The restraints keep them there until the ride has stopped. Unless someone puts in some more money.

Punishment Park spanking theme Park Saddle Sore Smartphone

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