Gran’s House

Bare Bottom Spanking & Paddling Gran’s House

Gran’s house, so it’s her rule. Naughty cheeky behaviour should be treated with a well-spanked bottom. The old spanking paddle is available too and even if Gran isn’t there or doing the spanking. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Even mum is in danger of getting her cheeks warmed up!

Mummy smacks her bottom over her lap. She got this from Gran. She is already holding the paddle. This will be used on her in a while. Gran is in the room watching. Telling her daughter to smack harder. She also goes to the cupboard. To fetch the cane. Used on her daughters bottom, many times. Now she can hear her grandaughter whimper. The smacking echoes around the house. Just like it used to. 

Standing there watching her daughter spank the little girls bottom. Telling her to start using the paddle. Sitting there flexing the cane. Her granddaughter can see.

Gran's House and paddled bottoms
Now hand me that paddle young lady!

Canes & Paddles + Bottoms To Use Them On

Get all your spanking implements from Cane-IAC. If you need some bottoms to practice on. There are plenty of people advertising their personal spanking and punishment requirements in the pictures below. So click them and get spanking now. Alternatively, you may desire a red hot bottom yourself so get clicking today.

Gran's House get the canes she would use Bare bottom spanking fun and games Gran's House Schoolgirl requires lines for naughtiness Gran's House Red ass wanted for naughty girl Gran's House

Gran's House for a long hard spanked bottom

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