The Baby Sitter

A new way to keep her in check. It starts out as a game when Auntie puts her over the whipping horse for a bit of fun & straps her in tight using the manacles & chains to make sure she is secure but cumfy. Then sets up the automated spanking & caning machine “The Auto-Caner”.

Left tied up, caning machine read to go, Auntie laughs and tells her young niece that she will be back in a while because she has to go out for a bit. Leaving her tied over the horse and the the caning machine poised and ready to whip her cute little bottom. Armed with her tablet, auntie leaves the WiFi operated Auto-Caner an her cute Niece alone together & heads for her part time job.

The Auto-Caner baby sitter

A good long caning via WiFi

What happens next ?
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