The Baby Sitter

Auto-Caner The Baby Sitter

The Baby Sitter with Auto-Caner and a nice punishment frame. A new way to keep her in check. It starts out as a game when Auntie puts her over the whipping horse for a bit of fun & straps her in tight using the manacles & chains to make sure she is secure but comfy. Then sets up the automated spanking & caning machine “The Auto-Caner”.

Left tied up, caning machine-read to go, Auntie laughs and tells her young niece that she will be back in a while because she has to go out for a bit. Leaving her tied over the horse and the caning machine poised and ready to whip her cute little bottom. Armed with her tablet, auntie leaves the WiFi operated Auto-Caner and her cute Niece alone together & heads for her part-time job.

The Auto-Caner baby sitter The Baby Sitter

Full Animation Inside 

Inside the Full Members Area, you can see an animated version of this, She gets her bottom whipped hard with the cane. Operated by her Aunties Smartphone. The sound of the cane as it lands on a different spot. Powered by the new Auto-Caner.

A good long caning via WiFi  with the new  Auto-Caner known as: The Baby Sitter

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