Office Spanks

A Good Spanking in the Office

Here we go. A good spanking in the office. two new characters for the new year. Liah & William. A new set of pictures from an office environment. With lots of hot red stinging, caned, and smacked bottom pictures. Office punishments over the desk with the cane or the paddle. Over the boss’s knee, naughty secretary, bad office clerk. Hope you enjoy them this the first few.

Office spankings

Across The Boss’s Knee

Inside the Full Members Area. Naughty office staff. The boss will spank the girls for any mistakes. After work, it will be over the desk. A good hard spanking for wearing that very short skirt to work. Teasing the boss. Wriggling and bending over. While filing some folders. Accidently dropping them. Just so they can bend down to pick them up. This naughtiness is punishable after work. Spelling mistakes carry at least a one smack penalty. These are added up for the end of the week. Also being late for work will guarantee a caning. Similarly will being cheeky.

Smacked bottoms for being late

Late Again Will Earn You The Cane

Being late on a regular basis. Will earn you a good hard caning. Some of the girls have already been summoned. Three new interims. Meeting the chief secretary for a caning in the office at the weekend.

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