No Cane No Pain

Starting With Corntime Promises More Pain

No Cane No Pain for Maddie. Standing in the corner. Hands-on head fighting back the tears. Mr. Strict is sitting behind his desk flexing one of his canes. The Junior Rattan, with a crooked handle. Maddie has not got tears in her eyes from the spanking she has just received. Even though her pert little cheeks are bright red and stinging. This was a warm-up from her Headmaster, that lasted a good fifteen minutes.

No Cane No Pain for Maddie. Standing in the corner.

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Pain & No Cane

She will be standing in the corner with her bare bottom cheeks on display for as long as he decides. More like an office ornament for her pervy Headmaster. Those thin Nylon panties offered no protection from his hand. They will offer the same for the cane. That is why she is crying.

On the desk is a wooden paddle and a thick leather two-tailed Tawse. Maddie has experienced a similar spanking at home, with a similar paddle. She is praying that he just gives her a standard six of the best. However, in her experience, that is not usually the case. The contemplation of it, during corner time, is almost as bad as the caning itself. Although it depends on how many strokes of that cane she is going to get. Also, will she get the other implements across her red-hot cheeks as well?

No Cane No Pain for Maddie. Standing in the corner.

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