Mum’s Spare Room

Mum’s Spare Room the continuation of  “Attic Antics”

The story of two girls, who find an online competition with a large cash prize for the best spanking photo. The two girls decide that it would be fun trying fake a naughty spanking picture, by spanking each other and taking photos on their Smartphones. They dress up in their naughty clubbing outfits to make themselves look a bit more like schoolgirls and start smacking each other bottoms gently & trying to capture the fun and games on the phones camera. What the girls don’t know is that outside the girls bedroom, both Mum’s are listening in & can hear everything that is going on. They decide to enter the room catch the two naughty girls in the act. They then discover that there is much greater prize to had if there is more than two of them. So the two girls are escorted up to the attic, where one of the Mum’s has a surprise in store. Mummy’s kinky punishment room. Complete with a selection of canes and paddles, whips, restraints, crops, cuffs & a rather nice whipping bench.

New Story “Mum’s Spare Room” 

This time the girls are at the other house & they find some rather naughty reading material. Spanking & Punishment magazines. The girls are not too shocked as they have already had their bottoms warmed up a few times now there own kinky Mum’s. They sneak off the have a look at the glossy array of hot red schoolgirl bottoms and get so involved that they don’t even notice that both Mothers are back from their morning out in the shops and standing in the same room watching their two naughty young girls engrossed in the pictures & stories of pretty young schoolgirls being smacked, caned, strapped and slippered. Not long after that they discover that both Mum’s have a kinky room. Especially set up in what used to be a junk room there is all the items one would need to warm up a couple of naughty bottoms.


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