Lines “Update”


Lines update with more from this story. When the two girls asked what kind of punishment they would get at the new school, the other girls said “Just lines”. Then they giggled as they walked away. Mary-Lou & her friend Sally smiled. Think how much they could misbehave & be naughty without the threat of any real punishment. Such as a spanking, slippering, the strap or even the cane.

Caning Punishment Picture Story Set

This week I am uploading this new story set, starting today as the picture sets render on my computer (takes a little time). The first 20 or so images are uploaded within the member’s section for this NEW story set. This time I have opted for some closed captions (by request from some of Spank Red 3D’s fans. Tell me what you think. This story will have some 40 images in it and will be updated over the next week. It will only be available from inside the Members section so if you are not a Member Click Here Now enjoy this story and the 1000’s of others I have drawn over the last 10 or so years.


Inside the images are in full colour

Caning naughty Schoolgirls Bottoms Lines update

hot stinging bottom with lines across it Lines update

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