Mum’s Bedroom Noises

A Smacked Bottom Sound From Mum’s Bedroom!

Mum’s spanking bedroom noises. The two girls in their bedroom are still up and about, they are interrupted by their smartphones, to hear some strange noises coming from Mum’s bedroom. A slapping sound is emanating from the room. So to hear a little more clearly Kaylee holds a glass to the wall, telling her sister Terri to be quiet. OMG. It sounds like Mum’s new boyfriend is spanking Mum’s bottom!

The girls listen. Their excitement gets the better of them. Terri looks at Kaylee in her silky pyjama suit. Her pert bottom looks ripe for the same treatment. She suggests that it may be fun to smack her bum too. The girls then decide to try it out for fun…

mum spanked by boyfriend. Mum's spanking bedroom noises

Mum’s spanking bedroom noises

See the rest inside the full member’s section of this site. Do the girls get excited by Mum’s secret new hobby? Don’t Mum’s new boyfriend give the two daughters the same treatment, and do they like it? Does Mum join in too?

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