May Updates

May Updates

Things That Go Spank In The Night!

May Updates includes this story. Naughty Mummy is next door. Enjoying the spanking she is getting from her new boyfriend. As she lays across his lap in bed. Flicking through the laptop spanking websites. He smacks her pert bottom to a nice red colour. Next door the two girls are listening to the obvious sounds. Mummy getting her bottom smacked. It’s not long before the older of the two girls decide. It may be fun to give her younger sister a bit of a spanking, just for fun…

mummy spanked spanking May Updates

Bottom Spanking Games

While spanking his girlfriend he can hear some sounds coming from the girl’s bedroom. Sounds a lot like a smacking sound. The sound of someone doing the same thing. As he stops smacking. He & Mum can hear what the two girls are up to in the next room. Maybe it’s time to investigate …

Mummy spanked May Updates

This story is unfolding and all the updates for this part of the story are in the Full Members Section

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