Happy New Year

A Very Happy New Year to everyone, here are some more of our new 2020 characters.

Introducing Latonya and Serenity

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday. I am still updating the site and adding the new characters, here is a couple of other girls that will have regular features, interacting with other new characters and each other. Latonya and Serenity are two of my new ladies. Pictured here Latonya holding the thick leather bottom stinging Tawse and poor Serenity looking around the room without furniture, except for the large wooden free standing Davids Cross, that she will undoubtedly be tied to in a short while to get the beating of a lifetime in front of the large sunlit windows.

New Characters Latonya and Serenity

New Characters Latonya and Serenity

If you wan’t to see Serenity getting her pert bottom striped with the thick leather Tawse whilst restrained on the cross then check out our Full Members section. If you have not got a membership yet then please click on this link now.