2020 Characters

New spanking characters in spankred3d for 2020 part 1

Punishment, spanking characters include Nyao the teen spankee princess pictured with Dario the tall dark handsome muscular Adonis that enjoys nothing more than warming up the restrained bottoms of naughty girls. Also pictured here is Amandla, Sparkle & Brita, who are all believers of a bit of give & take. Sexy looking clothing to tempt, with stunningly beautiful figures. These three young temptresses also like to tan the bare bottoms of naughty boys & girls as well as each others. The big man Cole & the voluptuous Cordia pictured here checking out the tools of the trade that will inflict the nice red hot stinging welts and stripes on the well warmed bare bottoms that come here. Also pictured here, Kaylee in the kitchen having her pert young teen butt smacked over the knee of the long haired sexy Emery. I have a lot more new people to feature, but you will have to enter the Full Members area to see them (if you have not got a membership click here now). All of the new stories are being uploaded, there will also be some features with the older stars of spankred3d, so enjoy the artwork by taking advantage of our special offers.

The new characters have arrived due to the new technologies embraced by the creators of the software and software producers. spankred3d.com is always trying to make more realistic 3d images using the latest figures and props. Now we are entering a new era, where full HD 16X9 is just normal. Without getting technical we already have the new 8K televisions, also just about everyone on the planet has a fast broadband internet connection.

The new spankred3d characters are a variety of looks and personalities, inside the site they are all in full HD. here are some examples of the newbies in some surroundings including a warehouse full of spanking stuff like a punishment bench full of paddles, canes, whips & a carpet beater. There are also some other restraints, such as a spanking bench with cuffs and a nice big cross. The obligatory set of Stocks is also standing there in all it’s glory with a Bullwhip draped over it. In front of the punishment devises ar some mirrors, so that the recipient can watch what is about to happen, or what is happening to them. The Punishment Warehouse will be featured from time to time in this new section as well as the Punishment Holiday Villa. Both venues have things that go smack in the night appeal.

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