Halloween 2020, Trick or Beat – Stick or Treat

Out in the cold surrounded by the mist, two girls wish they had never driven into this deserted village on Halloween. Now they are manacled down tight and bent over two wooden, whipping benches in the middle of the misty village center. The two strange Witch like women are now both brandishing canes and laughing. Maybe the whole Trick or Treat was a trick question, now they are about to get their pert little bare asses whipped hard. Both girls now blaming each other for the predicament they are now in. 

Halloween caning 2020

What will happen & how did this all start ? 

The caning has started and the girls are strapped down tight, out in the cold. Two bare asses being whipped hard without a warm up, while the sexy Witches cackle away with each stroke of the cane as they listen to the teen girls scream out. The caning continues in the misty village until the red hot stinging welts cover the bare bottoms of the two naughty teen girls. Since their arrival, through the mist into the village, wearing the slightly cheeky outfits and fooling around the whipping benches in the middle of the village the girls have been the target of the two sexy Dom Witch dressed ladies. I wonder where they come from? Do they live there in the seemingly deserted village? Or are they just fooling around playing dress up and waiting for two naughty young ladies to punish.

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