Art of Spanking 2020

The art of spanking in 2020 to create that most beautiful colour red. A nice warm glow to a bright red hotline from a caning. This artist needs to get her model already with the right shade. Over the knee, she goes for good hard bare bottom spanking as a warm-up. Nice red hot stinging cheeks will make the perfect spanking picture. 

The Art Of Spanking to create that most beautiful colour red.

Spanking a pretty lady over her lap will make one of a great set of pictures in the art of spanking 2020 and beyond.

red hot spanked sting bottom cheeks. Spanking is an art.

Beautiful over the knee bare bottom spanking from her artwork loving friend. Inside this website are thousands of original punishment pictures. Growing rapidly with more updates every week. Full stories can write the story that you want.

For instance, if you look at the two sexy women above. One is in her office attire. Short, tight skirt & jacket with a tasteful blouse and sexy black stockings. The other lady is across her knees, having her bottom spanked by her friend’s hand. She is just wearing stockings and a suspender belt. No panties just her pert bare ass.

Red glowing hot smacked bare bottom with the spanking art

A very nice selection of implements including some paddles, canes, whips and a riding crop in the background. This view is from the person with the brushes, behind the canavas.