This Old House

Sissy Boys Taken There For Some Bottom Warming Fun

This Old House. A perfect run-down place in the middle of nowhere. A great place for spanking fun and games. You can drive out and probably not get disturbed, Ms Tanya-Bum likes to take her boys there for a nice dress up and smacked bottom game. Secluded, but still out in the open. Sometimes she may bring a friend or two. 

Tanya-Bum Loves This Old House

She takes her nephews there. Dresses them up like little girls. Smacks their bare bottoms for fun. The main room in the house has a nice chair for spanking. She also brings her collection of canes and implements. Doesn’t care who may be listening. Or turning up. Sometimes she takes other boys there. Or even girls. During an afternoon she will smack their bottoms bright red. Then add some stripes with the cane. If lucky. They will get a nice milking. Over her lap. If they are really lucky they will get to go home in their normal clothes too. 

This Old House with Tanya-Bum who loves to make girls and boys bottoms sting

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The nicest red bottom takes some time but it’s worth the effort and especially the reward in This Old House.

Smacked bar bottoms in This Old House with Miss Tanya-Bum

3D Crazy Top Sissy Spanking Sites

A nice hand job while over her lap to finish him off for a while anyway. 

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