The Kanes

Caning Fanatics For Fun

The Kanes. A.K.A Mr & Mrs. Kane. The spanking fanatics that have an old book shop in Spankford Town. These two girls were unlucky enough to shelter in the doorway. Invited in and told they can strip out of their wet clothes. They nay stay there until the storm passes. The outfits supplied by Mrs. Kanes were somewhat strange. Cute little schoolgirl outfit. Also, a Sailor Moon type Japanese School Uniform. Better than wet clothing. So the girls put on their new attire.

The Kanes Have An Upstairs Caning Room

After a long discussion about their new attire. A few little inquiries about the shop and some of the slightly kinky products. A lot of naughty books for sale. Spanking Magazines. The girls had giggled at the sight of them. Mrs. Kanes told them it was a hobby of her and her husbands. The two girls had found this somewhat amusing. Similarly, she pointed out that they were both in school uniforms. The girls admitted they knew about the spanking thing. For instance, they had heard about spanking videos and magazines. 

A Stinging Hot Invitation

In conclusion, they were invited up to the special room upstairs. Two wooden stands stood in the middle. Both with metal restraints attached on both sides. In addition, a set of metal ones on the floor was unattached. 

Find Out What Happens Next…

The Kanes

spank red Mr & Mrs Kane likes to cane naughty young girls bottoms hard

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