Russia vs France 2018


Russia vs France 2018. Competition warm-ups, some nice 15-20 bottom warming sessions to get the girls prepped for the full competition. Endurance spanking, caning, paddle. Followed by the longest whipping session (the first one to say STOP).

Previously: Spanking Competition Spank Off 2018 (female)

Spanking Competition Spank Off. The world spanking competition. With entries from around the globe. The spanking teams have been preparing all year. 2018 World Series. The best of the best will compete for a prize. Also, a converted title of the one world’s toughest butt. There will be all kinds of different rounds. Implements include the paddling section. Also the caning round. 
Teams comprise of 3-4. One or two of them are doms that spank. The others are spankees. These are usually girls that can take a good spanking. This is the female competition. So all the red bottoms will be girls. These are mainly teenagers that have something to prove. They grit their teeth and take what’s given to them. From the original story Spank Off 2018

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Time for a little swap over, to get those cheeks nice and red

As seen on Crazy 3d Sites

The French Team

The Russian Team

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