Spank Me Please?

More Inspiring Photos Of Girls In Spanking & Bottom Warming Situations

This is a collection I have found all over social media and some of the other quality spank sites on the web. I love the way the girls look like they really want a nice stinging hot red bottom. Almost like a taunting in some cases of ” Sir/Miss …why don’t you try this out on my bum? “

In a lot of my artwork I have tried to put this across because I like the idea of both parties enjoying the spanking, caning, strapping punishment. I have never been much of a fan of the forced beatings to someone who does not want it. I understand the idea of a smacked bottom punishment session and I have included it with the ” naughty schoolgirl, naughty daughter, cousin niece etc ” 

Well I like this selection of all inspiring photos from various sources

If these are your property and you wish me to credit you or remove them I will of course, I am not here to offend or steel any ones work

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