Spank A Christmas Cracker

Too Old To Sit On Santa’s Lap

Christmas cracker girl spanked over Santa’s lap. Not too old to go over it her mom joked. But she was in her saucy Hot Pants. Teasing all the boys in the Mall. Mom decides she should go to see Santa. Looking all Christmasy in her little green top. Red shoes. Those high cut white Hot Pants. Mum takes to see Santa in his Grotto. He mentions that she is a bit too old to be bought to him. Her mother smiles. 

Santa explains that she is a bit old to sit on his lap. While looking at her cute outfit. Santa asks her what she wants for Christmas. Mother interrupts her as she’s about to speak. Saying she needs a good spanking. Showing off her cheeks like that in the Mall. She would love to watch her walk back through it with red ones.

spanked over Santa's lap. this naughty Christmas Cracker

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Christmas cracker girl spanked over Santa’s lap.

Santa spanks naughty girl in front of Mom in the Mall

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