Smartphone Spanking Pictures

Smartphone spanking pictures

The best way to capture your friend’s smartphone spanking pictures. Afternoon games in the bedroom with their panties down. How red can a bottom get with a hand spanking or a good smack with the hairbrush? All filmed and photographed by their Smartphones. This girls ass will be smarting by the end of this session. On the bed are some magazines. Kane, Blushes, Janus, Uniform Girls. There are some implements to warm up and sting the girl’s bottoms. A cane, strap, hairbrush, riding crop. What shall they use next or is it time to swap over?

Smartphone spanking bare bottom hairbrush otk

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smacke bottoms smartphones spanking bare ass

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hairbrush otk spanked bottom smacked

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Spanking Social Media sites are now available. Making video spanking sessions and uploading them is very exciting. Below is a list of a few new spanking social media sites.

Spanking Social Media Sites

Go to it’s FREE to join if you have a valid email address and it works very similar to Facebook & Twitter. It’s spanking and BDSM lead with all the usual features for DM messaging, posting, uploads facilities for pictures, videos, Gif’s and files. You can make your profile/fan pages. Like buttons for other posts & many new features coming soon.

Spanking Social Media & Chat Room

Similar idea to Based around a FREE spanking chat room. You can make a profile. Produce your own Blog. Upload pictures and files. There is a selection of groups you can join or make your own.

Spanking Contacts & Personals

A great way of meeting other spanking folk and BDSM people. You could use it like a “Dating Site” if you wish. The main feature is an open chat room with various separate rooms or you can DM/Pm (direct/private message) anyone you like or look at their profile etc. This again is all FREE  with a valid email address.

Adult Social Network  is another totally FREE social media/ networking site like Facebook and Twitter for adults, You can make a profile, update your status make groups and pages, like each other’s posts as well as comment and all the usual social networking stuff we are used to. FREE and requires a valid email address to join. This is a brilliant general adult site with vendors, pictures, groups etc. (the link goes directly to my page on Smuttyfy).

Spanking social media smartphone pics

My Spanking Pictures On A Smartphone