School Funds

School Funds Caning Day

School Funds. Money raised with canes. probably not so much fun for the schoolgirls. However great for the headmaster and the teachers. This was a fantastic idea for schools to raise funds for new equipment. They all have a jumble sale and various ways of raising cash from the PTA with other events. I like the idea that this headteacher decides that a great way to raise some money would be. If the girls took some punishment for the school. It was an idea from “a penny a smack”. The girls can take a bare bottom spanking from anyone who wants to pay for it. The headmaster and some of the other teachers seem to have some spare cash too & they don’t seem to mind spending it warming up the naughty bare bottoms of their pupils.

If you like, The Timeless Art of Good Old Fashioned Discipline Spanking & Caning

The Timeless Art of Good Old Fashioned Discipline Spanking

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