Police Cane Naughty Boys

Cheeky Police Uniform Girl Give Naughty Boy The Cane

Police Cane Naughty Boys bottoms in naughty little cops outfits. A cheeky little micro skirt and tight-fitting top. With stockings and heels. Naughty boys beware. The Spanking Police are about. Patrolling the streets, looking for wayward behaviour. Naughty drivers and the drunk & disorderly. If you get stopped you could end up with very severe punishment. 

Police Cane Naughty Boys

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Derelict Punishment Warehouse

This poor young man has been cuffed. Bent over a caning bench, after being stripped and searched. Found guilty of being a bad boy. Immediately sentenced to a hard bare bottom caning. One of the many places that they take the Purps to. This derelict old warehouse has a few toys hidden inside. A whipping frame, caning bench & lots of canes, whips and restraints are also in the trunk of the car.

Caned hard, bare bottom. In the cold. Outdoors in the old abandoned warehouse. Nobody can hear the cane swishes. Or his pathetic cries. Her partner videos the thrashing. Using her Smartphone. Enjoying every minute. It will be her turn to do some caning and spanking next.

Police Cane Naughty Boys

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(Police Cane Naughty Boys Story Updating Throughout November and December 2022)

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