Mrs Kanes (younger)

Mrs Kanes is obviously inter spanking and caning. As an older woman she is very attractive with a beautiful figure.Most of the pictures have depicted her in the present day wielding a cane or some other bottom stinging weapon. What was he like when she was younger? What got her interested in spanking &reddening the naughty bare bottoms of other young ladies?

Some pictures inside the members section show here from her schooldays and her late teens & twenties. Mr’s Kanes  before she was “Mrs” when she’s the one with the hot red bottom and the nice cane marks. Is it a revenge thing? Or does she secretly like both? You tell me.

Mrs Kanes Schooldays

Mrs Kanes Schooldays

Kanes Schooldays

This ongoing picture story will show what Mrs Kanes did before she became the Dom, Mrs Kanes. See all the pictures and artwork inside the Full Members Area Only if you are not a member click here now

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