Inside Outdoor Punishment Spank

The inside outdoor punishment spank series for those outdoor spanking sessions, In the woods in a certain place. Known for some kinky goings-on. Spanking, caning, whipping and some other naughty things. All happening at once. Some wonderful group BDSM fun. Punishments in cars & over fallen trees. Where people who are in the know, just turn up. Far away from the town and just off the road. Hear the sound of smacking and the thrashing of bottoms.

Outdoor spankings in the wood

A nice over the knee spanking session in this Range Rover car. Two friends are just having some bottom slapping fun in front of two male onlookers. Maybe they will get a turn. Get to spank the two beautiful ladies in the car.

Dressed to be spanked in the car in the woods oudoors

Meanwhile, more inside outdoor punishment games are also happening. Just over the way. Over a fallen tree. Tied down and whipped across the bottom with the carpet beater. Just for a warm-up while onlookers glance across to watch the action.With inside outdoor punishment spank

Over the fallen tree whipped with a carpet beater

Inside the full member’s section, this series of pictures will feature all kinds of outdoor spanking and punishment scenes to amuse the passers-by. The people that know all about the Red Ass Wood.

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