Halloween Witch Caning 2021

This Halloween 2021 beware of this witch caning

Halloween Witch Caning 2021, in the derelict old school building. Already cuffed. Bent over the whipping horse. Her bottom was already marked with the cane. Just a warm-up. A good long hard caning from this Witch bitch. In this abandoned old building. On Halloween. 

Halloween Caning Over The Whipping Horse

The Freezing cold building and the light on her bared bottom. Her ankles and wrists were held in place. The cold steel of the hand-cuffs. The sexy young Witch stands in front of her. Tapping the cane across her own cheeks. Laughing as she does so. This evenings beating will be a lot of fun for one of them. 

The poor young girl is naked and vulnerable. Unable to move. Just scream. Nobody will be around to hear her pathetic cries. Or the sound of the whippy cane. Thrashing down on her soft per bottom cheeks. This Halloween beating is not going to be the only one this evening. The girl over the bench should have been more careful who she bullied at school. This has now come back to put her in trouble. 

Caning Fun & Revenge

The whippy rattan cane will be used on her. The Witches hat is just a symbol. She received a few good spankings and caning at school. The bully in front of her. Now revenge is a dish, best served bare bottom.

Halloween 2021 Witch Caning

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