Free Spanking Facebook

I built A Free Spanking Facebook

Free Spanking Facebook is a social media site. Sign up & log in. Create your profile. Upload your avatar and banner. Make your own spanking groups. Have a spanking, like a page. All the things that you would do with Twitter & Facebook. However, this one is for adults only. For people interested in spanking & corporal punishment. 

Free Spanking Facebook

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Pictures & Stories

The main site is full of pictures of naughty girls and boys. Usually with red hot stinging bottoms. Schoolgirls feature quite a lot too. Leave comments and click on the like buttons. Contact the poster. There are tons of spanking stories and real-life experiences in the groups and pages. Also, there is a spanking blog from the admin and moderators. 

Free Spanking Facebook

Boys Girls & Trans Bottoms For Spanking

It does not matter what your sexuality or preference is. You will find others on this site that like the same stuff as you. Headmasters that are looking to chat & spank bare bottoms. Also Dominatrixes, headmistresses and Mum’s Aunties, Uncle and Daddies. A good place to get your bottom warmed. There are lots of spankees on the site. With all manner of stories and experices.

Instant Messages & Chat

Use instant messenger to chat with others or groups. Send each other pictures and files. Leave messages, Make a group of friends online and discuss your favourite bottom smacking scensrio. Play out scenes like a chatroom. Just browse the site and look at all the images. It’s free. 

Free Spanking Facebook

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Hot red smacked bottoms inside this site too…
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