Collectable 3D Figures

3D Spanking Figure Collectables

Collectable 3D Figures.New from spankred3d. Helped now by the technology of 3d printing we will be producing some limited edition figurines to make up a collection. The project is going to be available as part of a membership deal so the collectable figures will be FREE. To find out more announcements will be made this week on about how you will be able to obtain these figures and how many also details about the material & size of the product etc,

 The pictures below are just an impression of what they may look like to give you an impression of what we are intending to supply. 

3d printed spankred3d figurines Collectable 3D Figures

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Collectable 3D Figures To Order

Mary Lou in the denim shorts and her naughty red checked, tie up blouse. Her distinctive cowgirl boots. Standing in her arms folded pre spanking pose. However, these figures can be custom posed. Any position with any other character.

Office Politics was a scene inside the full member’s section. Two sexy young women smacking each other bottoms. Stockings, suspenders. Naughty office wear. Over the knee bare bottom spanking pose. One creation that looks so good in 3d. You can order these figures in Kit form. Or without colour. Paint them yourself. Half the price. Also, there will be some limited editions.

spankred3d 3d printing Collectable 3D Figures

Crazy 3d Spaning Artwork

Collectable 3D Figures

Crazy 3D Spanking Artwork

Collectable 3D Figures offered to 1 YEAR  Subscribers to start with that are currently members of the site at a discounted rate.

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