Christmas Spankings

OTK Spankings From Santa At Christmas

Christmas Spankings. A very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. Are you excited by the idea of Christmas Holiday spankings? This year I am going to do a few different spanking scenes with a seasonal touch. This one s is a classic Shopping Mall Santa Spanking. Has she been naughty or nice? Is she a member of staff staying late just to sit on Santa’s knee, only to find out she can go across it if she is a bit naughty.

Christmas Spankings

Naughty But Nice Over Santa’s Lap

The nice leather pants have a little too much protection if you ask me, wonder how hot her little bottom is getting under those… I do hope those pants come down. Maybe she will return. Her pert bottom gets a nice warm-up. With the protection, she is wearing. How come she’s getting spanked? Was she naughty or nice? Did Santa just decide for himself? He knows if you have been bad or good. He’s laughing as he brings his hand down on her bottom. How many girls have been in that position in the mall this Christmas?

Christmas Spankings

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